Non GMO Soybean


Soybean is widely used in our daily diet. For example, soy milk at breakfast, hard bean curd in lunch box and tofu in hot pot. More and more research indicates that nutrients in soybean benefits human health. It also wins the favor of vegetarian and health-conscious consumers.


黃豆含有人體所需的「必需胺基酸」,且與大部分動物性蛋白質相比,黃豆製品飽和脂肪含量較低。[1] 建議黃豆搭配穀類或牛奶一起食用,確保各類營養素平均攝取。
Soybean contains “Essential Amino Acids” to meeting human requirements. Compare to most ani-mal origin protein, soy foods are low in saturated fat.[1]To make sure that all nutrients intake bal-anced, milk and whole grains are recommended to intake with soybean.

不飽和脂肪酸Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Soy foods are high in polyunsaturated fat (ω-3). Soy protein can make LDL-cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) less and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.[2][3]


Isoflavones also called phytoestrogens which has similar function as the hormone estrogen. Studies have found that soy foods daily is associated with reduced risks of breast [4] and prostate [5] cancer.

豆纖維Soy Fibers

大豆食品利用整個豆類加工之纖維含量高(如豆豉,大豆粉和組織化大豆蛋白)。 大豆食品中約有30%的纖維是可溶性纖維,食用後有幫助消化的效果,且有飽足感。[6][7]
Soy foods that utilize the whole bean - such as tempeh, soy flour and textured soy protein - are high in fiber. About 30 percent of the fiber in soy foods is soluble fiber. And it has the effect of helping digestion and has a feeling of fullness after eating.[6][7]


The high quality protein in soy-foods may also be important for bone health. It is a good source of calcium. [7] 

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醬油Soy Sauce